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Our Mission

GateWay is a company that consists of real people. We have been poor, rich, sad, happy, hungry and well-fed. We provide a service that takes an unnecessary task off the hands of our clients, but our goal is not to deliver groceries.

​Our goals are to assist the elderly, provide a consistent, helping hand for families, and simply give people an option to delegate a task that will save countless hours and a lot of physical effort.

We want to truly give back to our city by accomplishing our master plans of feeding hungry families and their children, providing shelter for the homeless, and helping the sick, regardless of financial situation, receive all the care they need.


Patrick Bardsley

Patrick Bardsley


Mr. Bardsley believes he sees things differently. He is a born and raised son of Knoxville and believes that he can accomplish remarkable things in our wonderful city. He takes pride in the fact that he has lived on all 4 different sides of Knoxville and has lived a great life here.

Though a beautiful life has been lived, he has experienced and witnessed many personal, family, and social hardships. He understands things he believes most just don’t and can’t. He knows a person’s success is solely determined by their ability to positively deal with the unknown. You can not get knocked down and stay there for even a second and expect to get up. He wants to do everything in his power to make sure people, who he resonates with on many levels, have everything they need mentally, physically, emotionally, and financially when that time comes to deal with the unknown.

He believes that he can create an elaborate and revolutionary system of support by creating partnerships that feed, shelter and educate. Also by providing services for those in need in logical ways that weren’t properly executed before. And finally, by growing to the point where he can feed, shelter and educate each and every one of those amazing people that simply need a helping hand in life.

Jimmy Sengchanh

Jimmy Sengchanh

President/Co Owner

Mr. Sengchanh believes he was born to make a difference in people’s lives and society as a whole. He was born and raise in St. Petersburg, Florida but came to Knoxville, Tn in 2009. Being a first generation Asian American citizen in America, he always felt he was here for a reason and it was to help everyone around him progress their lives no matter the situations or circumstances.

President Sengchanh has lived life growing up in ugly and beautiful areas as a child, but knew that life was never easy, so giving up was never a option. He believes keeping people around who can motivate you, having a strong work ethic and educating yourself are the keys to success. I️f you work hard now, you will hardly work in the future.

The feeling of hunger isn’t pleasant. With the vision Mr. Sengchanh has regarding GateWay Delivery, he believes he can bring everyone together and provide services that will assist those who simply need a helping hand in life. Of course we want to be successful by ourselves but with the help of our communities and through our partnership with Second Harvest Food Bank, we believe we can change the world but we are going to start here, in Knoxville, TN.


Knoxville, TN

Tel: 865.964.3843


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